Vegan Garlic Bread Recipe

I love this vegan garlic bread recipe. It’s simple. It’s for people who don’t really cook and just want a tasty snack. This is how to make garlic bread without butter. Every now and then I’m craving garlic bread, vegan style. I’ve never really like any of the vegan cheese. So one day I thought […]

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Homemade Vegan Pasta Recipe

This is a super simple homemade vegan pasta recipe: Pour the flour onto a cutting board and make a well in the middle. Add the water and salt into the middle and carefully mix it together. Then kneed the dough until it is springy. Use a pasta maker like this one to roll out the

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Vegan Just Egg Omelet

Making a vegan just egg omelet is easy and even, fun! When I was at a conference many years ago a chef at the breakfast was cooking omelets and he told me how to make them. I have been doing it ever since! Back then I wasn’t vegan so it was regular eggs. Now I

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