Vegan Just Egg Omelet

Making a vegan just egg omelet is easy and even, fun!

When I was at a conference many years ago a chef at the breakfast was cooking omelets and he told me how to make them. I have been doing it ever since!

Back then I wasn’t vegan so it was regular eggs. Now I use only Just Egg!

As a busy mom I’m always looking for ways to make things easier. Here is how I make a fast, easy vegan Just Egg omelet:

Gather Your Perfect Omelet Cooking Tools

When I first decided to learn how to make the perfect omelet I knew I needed great tools.

My regular sticky pans would not do. I went out and bought a small pan, a Paderno 7.9 inch non-stick pan. I also bought a silicone spatula, which I will explain how to use further down in the instructions.

Gather Your Just Egg Omelet Ingredients

  • Veggies – I love to buy a mixed veggie tray from the grocery store, pre-chopped. Then I chop them even smaller.
  • Just Egg – of course! You’ll need this for your “egg” part.
  • Vegan Cheese – Nuts for Cheese is a delicious cashew cheese brand that I use.
  • Salt – Just add a little after it’s cooked.
Just Egg Omelet recipe.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients and chopped your veggies up small then it’s time to get cooking!

My veggie tray includes yellow peppers, mushrooms, red onions, red peppers and asparagus.

How to Make Your Just Egg Omelet

Turn your burner on to medium heat and use your favorite oil on the pan.

Pour in 1/3 of the Just Egg into the pan. Mix in the veggies.

What you’ll want to do now is to let it fry up a bit until the Just Egg gets a little thicker. The trick to an omelet is to help the “egg” cook up to the same consistency all around. You do this by using the spatula to lift the cooking egg and tipping the pan so the liquid egg flows to the bottom of the pan. Like this:

Once your omelet is cooked to the same consistency throughout (no longer running or mushy) then you’ll add the vegan cheese.

After the vegan cheese has melted a bit you just go ahead and flip it over like this:

This one is a little darker than I’d like because I had the heat up too high (being impatient). Keep the heat low after the initial cooking and you should have a nicely browned but not too dark omelet.

How to make the perfect omelet.
Nuts for Cheese in a Just Egg Omelet
Yummy vegan omelet!

With practice you can make the perfect Just Egg vegan omelet!

If you’d like to learn more about Just Egg and find some other great recipes you can see them on the site here: Just Egg

How to Reheat an Omelet

If you make more than you can eat in one sitting (never happens to me haha) you can reheat your omelet in the microwave but I would recommend you don’t do that. I reheat everything in the oven by putting a teaspoon or two of water on top and then heating for 10 minutes or so. If it’s a large piece of omelet you can break it up so it cools in the middle.

Enjoy those omelets!

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