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I’m Angela, nice to meet you! I became Vegetarian at the beginning of 2019. I didn’t really plan it. My son had been Vegetarian already for about 3 years and I kept saying I wanted to do it, too. Then one day I just stopped eating meat.

Later that year I watched “What the Health” and immediately stopped eating dairy. Here I share what I’m learning about being Vegan (I’m still learning) and any great resources or vegan products I find along the way. I can’t wait to hear from you. Please leave me a comment or sign up for my email list. Talk soon! Angela

My Latest Blog Posts:

Whole Food Vegan Diary

My goal with this profile is to be a whole food Vegan. To inspire others. To help others choose more plant foods. Breakfast: I LOVE my morning …
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Is Being Vegan Hard?

When you decide to go vegan you are obviously going against the grain of what’s ‘normal’. With that, comes questions.. Surprisingly I’ve only had one person ask …
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Vegetarian vs Vegan

I’ve had the unique experience of being Vegetarian for 50% of 2019 and Vegan for the other 50%. That gives me a pretty fair ability …
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