Being Vegan When You Hate Vegetables

I’ll just come right out and say it…

I hate most vegetables.

There are few veggies that I would actually CHOOSE to eat.

Maybe sweet potatoes.

Anyway… Being vegan takes the meat off your plate. You’re then left to focus on maybe carbs, maybe vegan junky food (I did go there at first) and maybe, just maybe… Veggies.

I’m not only interested in being vegan, I’m really dedicated to being healthy and eating a whole food diet. That presents a challenge when you at worst, hate veggies and at best can tolerate some of them.

I realize I’ve been treating myself like a toddler and “hiding” my veggies in other foods.

Here is a falafel wrap with veggies – delish! From Lil Organic Kitchen in Whitby.

Here’s a little carb on the bottom dish with rice, stir fry veggies in teriyaki sauce and crispy, tasty dried onions on top (I like those)!

I love it when the food is mixed for me! Here are two delicioius dishes from Green Zebra Kitchen. The Cobb salad has a lovely sauce, coconut bacon, corn (everyone likes corn, right) and more.

Ok I’ll say this wasn’t the BEST homemade dish I’ve ever made but I took lentil soup and mixed it with peas. I think I should have put it on a bed of rice and that would have been better.

Are potatoes a veggie that people hate? I don’t think so… chips, fries, hash brows… what’s to hate?

This potato salad I was making was loaded with some veggies and apple for a little sweet kick. Of course smothered in vegan mayonnaise – delish!

This was one of my original go-to vegan at home meals. Crispy tenders, stir fry on rice. I posted something similar up top. Now that I know how to bake tofu I’ll use that instead of the packaged fake meet.

I order this bowl from Fat Bastard Burrito place. There are lots of veggies on this, rice, beans and I LOVE the tofu they make. I try to have a tofu bite in every bite which is delicious and the “sauce” is salsa (I forgo the burrito sauce or any other sauce as they are not vegan).

Oh YUM I need to go back to Jack Astor’s for this delicious dish with tofu. I am SO NOT a salad person (too many veggies) so I didn’t even consider ordering this until after my friend told the waitress I was vegan and asked what I could eat. This dish was my one and only option. It had a delicious sauce, those crunchy noodles and arugula which was so tasty. The sauce, tofu and crunchies mask the veggies and make them taste GOOD. I loved this salad – go figure!

Here’s a dish from Mathilda’s in Whitby. OMG flavour, flavour, flavour is the key to loving your veggies as a veggie-hater and this restaurant does flavour right! YUM….

Omg all these pictures are making me drool!

I think this will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration on how to be vegan even if you hate veggies and really, it’s a lesson in how to LOVE your veggies!

I grew up with boiled broccoli dishes, plain potatoes with butter and squash with sugar in it (that one was tasty but not good for you). I think if your experience growing up with veggies was flavourless like mine you might even just THINK you hate veggies and then discover you can love them – so much!

Also – your tastes really do change as you change your diet. I think over time I might even be able to eat some veggies in the nude… we’ll see!

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