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I really need a hair upgrade. I usually use Renpure Tea Tree & Lemon Vegan shampoo from Shopper’s Drug Mart but I’ve been feeling like it was really time to switch it up. My hair just feels kind of dull and lifeless lately, not to mention full of greys (eek – WAY overdue for a hairstylist’s appointment).

So I Googled “best vegan shampoo” and got all kinds of lists. One on the list was Lush’s Rehab Shampoo and it was much more pricy than my Renpure regular!

But I thought “hey, I’m worth it” and when I got up this morning I told my daughter I’d buy her one bath bomb from Lush. She was so excited she practically RAN out the door, this would be her first bath bomb from lush, and off we went!

Then this happened:

This is a selection of the Vegan Products you can find at Lush.

I really had intended to just grab a bottle of Rehab Shampoo, one bath bomb and call it done.

But OH the Lushness of Lush had other plans for us.

In another life I actually ran my own bath & body business. I LOVE essential oils. I needed some skincare.

It was the perfect storm for a mini-shopping-spree for myself and for my girl.

She took my excitement about the store and ran with it.

She couldn’t decide between a Bath Bomb & a Bubble Bar. I had promised her I’d only buy one but then she spotted this gift box that had the Cow Bath Bomb she wanted (Toby’s Magic Cow) and a Bubble Bar (Rainbow Bubble Bar), too.

In my research I saw that a lot of people ask if Lush products are all vegan.

Lush products are not all vegan but I was more than happy with the selection of vegan products available. Lush is, however, all vegetarian, contains no animal by-products and cruelty-free.

All the products you see in my picture above ARE Vegan. They are:

Bright & Beautiful Vitamin C Exfoliating Facial Scrub

I love a good exfoliating scrub so I’m going to give this one a try. I’ll do individual posts on each of these products as I review them but for now I’ll say this one is a little weird, actually.

I’m not sure about the pink powder on top and then underneath seems like a bit of a gel consistency. There was a more scrubby one with salt but it wasn’t vegan so I decided to go with this one of course. I also really love the powder exfoliator from Wildcraft so I may just order that, too, and compare them both.

Refresher Toothpaste Tabs

My daughter talked me into grabbing these because the store staff said it tasted like sweet tarts. I think she thought I was buying candy. She tasted one, as did I, and she didn’t like it, spit it out right away.

As for myself I chewed on it, swirled it around my mouth and used it like a mouth refresher. You can do that with these, as I read, so if you’re out and about you can carry them with you. I like that idea! I’ll also test them out with the toothbrush and give you a full review, maybe with another flavor, in another post. 🙂

NEW Shampoo Bar

I didn’t go into Lush for a Vegan Shampoo Bar but I ended up leaving with this one as the staff said that you can get around 84 shampoo uses with it. It smells like Red Hots candies, which I thought I liked but I think I’ll also buy another scent. At $14.50 this seems like the most bang for your buck at Lush! I also bought a metal tin that doesn’t rust for $4 to hold the shampoo in.

Rainbow Bubble Bar

We discovered what Bubble Bars were today. I hadn’t seen or heard of these before but apparently they last 4-5 uses. You break off a bit and put it in the bath and you get nice bubbles along with an amazing scent. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Toby Magic Cow Bath Bomb

Everyone knows what a Bath Bomb is, right? This Vegan Bath Bomb is called Toby Magic Cow and we were told it has little confetti pieces that kind of pop in the bath… will see if I can capture that for you for a review post. 🙂

Rehab Shampoo

This is the product that started it all. Our new Lush Love Obsession!

It smells good. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

Tea Tree Water Toner

I have bought Tea Tree Toner from Lala Skin Essentials and really like it. It’s just really strong smelling and my husband hates it when I use it and then go to bed, lol. This one is milder smelling and has grapefruit and a few other added ingredients to tone it down.


Of these samples I decided I am going to be buying the Argan Facial Oil (it’s vegan of course) and the Sympathy for the Skin Vegan hand lotion. The lotion smells amazing!

That’s our full haul from Lush. All vegan products.

If you’re looking in store or online and you wonder which products from Lush are vegan here’s how you’ll know:
You’ll find the vegan products by the “v” inside a circle on any of the products that are vegan.

Just from my little shopping spree I gathered up:
Vegan lotion.
Vegan shampoo.
Vegan bath bombs.
Vegan bubble bars.
Vegan scrub.
Vegan toothpaste tabs.
Vegan facial exfoliator.

So it’s safe to say Lush has many products that are vegan friendly. I just touched on some of them. To see all the vegan lush products you’ll want to visit a store or go to or and take a look!

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