Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Durham Region (& Toronto)

Over the last couple of years I haven’t been to many restaurants. I would love to go to more over the NEXT couple of years so if you have any recommendations or you run a vegan restaurant in Durham Region and/or Toronto please let me know what it is!

This is a recap of the places I’ve been that I LOVE. It’s for you and it’s for me. I want to remember the delicious foods I’ve eaten before. I just LOVE food!

Here we go. I’ll start with the most recent “favorite” that I’ve only been to once but OMG the food was sooo pretty it had flowers on it – edible flowers! I have never eaten flowers before and I’ll tell you they didn’t have a taste but I sure felt fancy, lol.

Eviva Breakfast & Lunch Toronto

This is the Vegan Benedict from Evviva Breakfast & Lunch Toronto:

Mathilda’s Oshawa

I get myself takeout regularly from Mathilda’s in Oshawa. I always get the mini sample platter. It’s five dishes in one because I could never decide and I don’t have to with the platter. Soooo good. This is my local fav.

Lil Organic Kitchen Whitby

The Lil Organic Kitchen in Whitby has some delicious dishes. This Taco Bowl was one I gave a whirl. I love their Falafel Wrap and their Friday Funky Fries, those are my favorites. And I LOVE the Samosas! Make sure to ask them to warm it up good if you get it heated to go.

Fat Bastard Burrito Whitby

This Tofu bowl from Fat Bastard Burrito in Whitby is one of the first takeout vegan meals I tried. I get this with no dairy, of course, no sauces and extra salsa. It has organic tofu (I looked it up once) and lots of veggies.

Portabello Road Oshawa

Portabello Road in Oshawa is a gem of a place. You can’t eat in and you have to order ahead so it doesn’t fully fit into “restaurant” I guess. I just had to include it here because it’s a place you want to know about as a vegan! They’ve been open a little over a year and I didn’t realize I had been ordering since close to the beginning. Now they also just opened a Cafe at The Park, a local coworking space in Bowmanville, that I fully intend to visit regularly!

Here are a few of the first dishes I got from Portabello Road:

And how cute is this storefront in Oshawa!

If you know of any vegan restaurants I should be visiting please do share them with me below. I’d love to make this a growing resource of local, delicious vegan places to eat in Durham Region!

If you enjoy any of these places I posted about I’d love to hear what you ordered, too 🙂

Talk soon,
Ang 🌱

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