What Vegans Eat – Nutrition Packed Smoothies

I love stacking the odds in my favor by having a nutrition packed smoothie first thing in the morning.

I really need to get better at taking pics of my smoothies.

In this smoothie :
Oat milk
 Almond Butter
 Juice plus capsules
 2 dates
 1/2 banana
 Superfoods puck

As a vegan I don’t eat fish or many/any foods high in omega so it’s a must to supplement this.

I was so thrilled to discover the company I bought my tower garden from also sells high quality plant based omegas.

They get the omegas from the same plants the fish get them from!

Celebratory back to school Starbucks.

My daughter needs social interaction. She’s had a hard time being at home for another month of isolation. We’re both glad she gets to go back.

I get time to focus today and she gets to see her friends.

I don’t usually get a hazelnut pump but just for today I did. I also don’t get Starbucks daily anymore. Doing my own teas, coffee and matcha at home now!

Today’s lunch is the same as yesterday’s. I froze two containers, also for later.

Super easy chili

🌱 Can of salsa
🌱 Can of kidney beans
🌱 Can of chickpeas
🌱 Can of tomatoes
🌱 One cup of Quinoa
🌱 Lots of chili powder

I put onion crunchies and a couple of kale sprouts from my home garden.

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