Whole Food Vegan Diary

My goal with this profile is to be a whole food Vegan. To inspire others. To help others choose more plant foods.


I LOVE my morning shakes. I almost ALWAYS have the same thing, too. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad or nothing?

I used the very last of my Juice Plus Complete in today’s shake.

Not actual pictures of this mornings shake because I just decided to stay documenting today.

This shake had one of those superfoods pucks, oat milk, almond butter, juice plus complete and a days supply of juice plus capsules nutrition.

My goals

✔️ No counting calories or carbs
✔️ Feel good
✔️ Eat real food as much as possible
✔️ Give myself patience and grace

These pucks are from the grocery store, Sobey’s, and they were around $14ish for the bag.

What you see in this picture is Juice Plus Capsules – Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blends. I throw all the capsules for the day (2 of each) INTO my shake and just blend it in. I don’t open the capsule as it’s made of tapioca and just blends in like everything else. I love knowing my shake is PACKED with nutrition just as I start my day.


This is a quinoa chili I made up when my son went vegetarian many, many years ago.

He decided to stop eating meet at about 14 years old. He gave me a run for my money trying to figure out what to feed a growing teen who doesn’t eat meet!

I’m sore he inspired me to eventually follow his path.

This is super easy and I’m site it could be fresher but it adds lots of good protein.

How I make it :

Super Easy Vegan Quinoa Chili Recipe

🌱 One big restaurant style bottle of salsa
🌱 Can of kidney beans
🌱 Can of chickpeas
🌱 Can of tomatoes
🌱 Quinoa (I just eyeball this… Maybe a cup)
🌱 Chili powder (lots?) lol

My final snack is handful of pistachios and a matcha tea made with oat milk and topped with cinnamon (no sugar).

I’m going to try to do one coffee per day and Starbucks only occasionally.

Fasting starting at 6pm until 8am when I’ll have a smoothie before school.

I’ve already eaten 10x better today because I decided I’m only going to post what I eat and so if I’m willing to eat it I have to be willing to post it.

After this snack the focus is on hydrating.

I know I didn’t have many meals today. I can’t seem to eat three meals a day. My smoothie is one and the chili is two. I usually have a very big lunch though so I think that’s why I don’t like to eat later.


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