Try Vegan for a Month with Veganuary

I went Vegan for the animals.

What’s weird is that I’ve never been what you’d call an “animal lover”. I like them. I think they’re cute. I’ve just never been one to fawn all over them.

And of course I learned from an early age that they were part of the regular diet.

Veganuary is an annual challenge that really challenges that concept – that animals are necessary for our food.

Now you don’t have to try Vegan for the animals. There are other, equally important reasons you might consider trying vegan for a month during the month of Veganuary:

  • For Your Health
  • For the Environment

Seriously how many good reasons do we even need?

Just ONE of those reasons are good, all together they can’t really be beat.

Here’s a message from Veganuary on why go vegan for a month with their challenge:

If you want to give vegan a try this month check out and sign up totally free!

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