Where to get seeds and seedlings during a pandemic!

Are you looking for seeds to plant your own delicious FOOD GARDEN this year?

I am! And it’s not quite as easy as it sounds because so are many other people.

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has made a lot of people really consider, it’s how to be more self-sustainable. I know I’ve been thinking about it a LOT and it’s why I bought the Tower Garden.

YES – we bought a Tower Garden! I haven’t been keeping up on my posting here on the blog nearly as much as I’d like so let me update you through a series of Instagram posts.

On Sunday we set up a brand new Tower Garden:

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I'm really excited to announce that I have started a new business! I have wanted a Tower Garden for a couple of years, now, ever since my friend showed how awesome they are. I finally decided to go for it! Little did I know there was also a business opportunity with this, too. About the Tower Garden: 🌱 No soil needed! The plants grow with water and nutrients and use 90% less water. 💚 Grow indoors or outdoors. Food all year round 🙂 🌱 You can even use the Tower Garden in a basement with the lighting system (currently sold out but you can grow outdoors until they come back in stock OR by a sunny window). 💚 Great for kids and homeschooling. I will be teaching Ella many things through just the practice of having one. 🌱 I'm told even accidental houseplant killers like me can do this! I've got Kale, Lettuce, Arugula, Cilantro, Chard, Thyme, Basil, Tomatoes and more that I expect to harvest for our dinners in May. 💚 💚 Food grows faster and bigger than in regular soil, so if you're impatient like me, that's good 😉 🌱 You won't have to worry if anyone has sneezed on your food (except maybe your kids). Grow chemical-free food at home. 💚 With the business part there are no minimums, you don't have to buy any demo kits or anything like that. You are free to do what works for you. If you are interested please shoot me a message to discuss either the Tower Garden or Tower Garden and business. 💚 I can't wait to update you on the progress of my very own Tower Garden we got on Sunday! I planted the seedlings today and got the tower up and running 🙂 ✌️❤️💻 Angela Wills #towergarden #veggiegarden #berrygarden #laptoplifestyle #beyourownboss #workanywhere #networkmarketing #directsales #socialselling

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My daughter and I planted our seedlings in pots, too, yesterday and I’m going to compare the growth of the seedlings to the growth in the tower garden. Stay tuned for that!

We’re so excited to see a sprouting baby seed!

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We have babies! OK clearly I am totally HOOKED and entirely Obsessed with gardening now! I shouldn't be surprised. I'm really an all our nothing like it's person and as a good friend said of me, I don't dabble. So please join me and @health_shero on Monday at we talk about health and self care and being really really good to you during one of the most fear and stress filled files we've ever seen in our lifetime. You don't have to let this affect you! You can come out stronger and more powerful and more aligned with your bodies inner magic than ever! Sign up totally free at the link at @iamchasingvegan! ✌️💚🌱 Angela Wills #garden #aeroponics #hydroponics #gardening #indoorgardening #sustainableliving #sustainablefarming #sustainablelifestyle #growvegetables #selfcare #loveyourself #loveveggies

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My family is not too keen on salads and herbs. I’m not a salad fan but I’m sooo willing to try to love them and I THINK I can get there with a combination of great, fresh toppings and delicious dressings. I know there have been salads in my life I’ve absolutely loved and others I thought tasted like crunchy water lol.

So… where do you get seeds?

That is the question of the moment, isn’t it?

You’re not the only one looking for seeds right now, that is for sure!

As I’ve mentioned already in my container gardening post I’m BRAND NEW to gardening. Never have I ever grown my own foods for eating throughout a season or throughout the year and I’m so obsessed with ALL OF IT.

Because of my obsession, I’ve been doing plenty of searching and researching. Here’s my tips on getting seeds or getting plants started:

  • Buy Seeds – You gotta be early enough with your seeds if you’re planting outside and of course inside you can plant them anytime. Cost: Between $2-$5+ per packet of seeds (with varying amounts of seeds in each packet).
  • Buy Seedlings – I didn’t know about this I’m so “green” hahaha (I crack me up). But you can buy an inbetween of seeds and plants and they’re called seedlings. For the Tower Garden, they come in the pods you can just pop into your tower garden. If you buy seedlings for the tower garden anywhere not selling for such purposes, they’ll come in soil and you’ll have to carefully remove the soil before putting into the garden. Of course seedlings with soil are great for outside!
    Cost: I bought my seeds from Molly’s Acres here in Ontario, Canada and they cost $2 per seedling.
  • Buy Plants – This seems like the least fun way to go to me but you do have the option, of course, to skip over seeds. I’m finding it so very amazing to watch a little seed sprout up into a little seedling and I just can’t wait until it grows into a full plant that I can cook with!
    Cost: $3-$6+ each
  • Get Cuttings – Got any friends or family willing to share? Get them to give you a cutting (while social distancing of course).
    Cost: FREE!
Tower Garden Seedlings from Molly’s Acres

Where to buy seeds, seedlings and plants:

  • Garden Centers (Vanderemeers, Sheridan Nurseries)
  • Small Farms
  • Home Stores (Lowes, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire)
  • Online (Molly’s Acres)

I look forward to hearing your experiences with finding and growing seeds!

I never would have imagined how EASY it could be! Did this shock you, too?

Now I just need that delivery I ordered online to FINALLY arrive. I’ve been waiting almost three weeks and I just don’t want to wait any longer lol!

What are you excited about for the next little while?

I’ll be excited to share my journey with the Tower Garden and also Container Gardening so stay tuned for more posts on that and much more. I have a blog post on vegan junk food (I can’t decide if I want to talk about eating it or avoiding it so let me know what you think – haha!).

Talk soon!

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