Gardening With Containers for Self-Sustainability & Health

WARNING: If you’re like me and if you get started down the food gardening path you’ll be lead into a beautiful, wonderful rabbit hole and whole new world you never knew existed! It’s awesome!

I’m not sure how this all started but right now I’m neck deep in researching and learning about how to plant and grow my own food.

I do remember wanting to grow fruits and veggies in my own garden for a long time. I started a garden when my son was just a baby (he’s now 18) but never kept it up and at the time I think I was just too distracted to make good use of it.

NOW I’m ready.

Obviously the fact that I’m currently at home non-stop due to a world pandemic has freed up my time significantly.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks and so I was trying to think back to when I decided to start gardening. I think it was initially planted as a seed in my mind from my friend and fellow blogger Lynn Terry from Travelling Low Carb when she started talking about self-sustainability in a meeting.

Then, I started to really enjoy the food sprouts I had placed rather randomly in water to see if they’d grow:

There is something so joyful about having these food scraps turn into plants. Every day my daughter and I would comment on how they’re growing! We’d take pleasure in seeing them get bigger and bigger and my daughter (6) exclaimed “it’s a tree” about the biggest parsnip growth! So fun.

We’ve also collected seeds from a cantelope and apple and we’re just going to keep stuff growing constantly. I see this as a lifelong addiction and I’m only a few days in. I did have a friend tell me before that I don’t “dabble”… when I do something I go ALL IN and this is true. I get obsessive about a new project and fall deeply in love with the process of discovering it.

This is an advantage for YOU because I’m going to share all my wonderful findings right here on the blog 😉

A few days after our successful food scraps growth I decided to just go for it. I posted this question on Facebook:

The advice I got has sent me off in many directions, including:

  • Ordering seeds for a few dozen different food plants (eeeeks! Can’t wait for them to arrive)
  • Searching for ways to compost easily and effectively (for using on plants and because I’d love to keep the compost out of my house/garage)
  • Looking at how to grow plants all year long (Tower Garden is a solution to this and next on my purchase list)
  • Ways to stop animals from using my garden as their own personal buffet

Here are some of the answers I got to my question:

I bought about $100 worth of seeds from McKenzie seeds. Seems like a very reasonable investment to me since the foods grown could save me $1000’s of dollars in groceries! I love the idea of having a constant supply of fresh foods I don’t have to store in the fridge.

AND I even found freaking purple beans. I had to buy them right away. I mean, who knew? Did you?

After spending some time googling compost bins for outdoors and indoors I decided I don’t really want to mess much with that if I don’t have to. A while ago I discovered the FoodCycler and I thought I’d get it “some day”. That was before I was going to be gardening.

Now it seems like a non-brainer puchase and I’m almost positive I’ll be investing in one soon. I don’t want another summer of our food scraps stewing in the garage before the weekly green bin pick up. .

I can’t stand having food scraps in the house and then keeping them in the garage in the summer as it gets so rancid and gross. I’ll be happy to know our food scraps will go to compost to provide us with nourishment! It’s also great because then my juicing scraps won’t just get thrown out, they’re renourish over and again!

I’ve had this post in draft for quite some time because I’m NEW to gardening and I wanted to be sure I offered you real value in this post, rather than a bunch of garden thoughts and rambling.

So, for clarity, I guess I could sum up my points like this:

  • If you’re looking to supply your own food, especially in the uncertain times we’re in right now, container gardening is an easy way to get started!
  • There’s a lot to learn about gardening but don’t let that overwhelm you! Get started and learn as you “grow” (get it? 😉 )
  • Consider what tools you will need and order them in advance. Right now it’s more difficult to get many things and so I’m thinking about what I’m going to need in a month or two from now.

OH and I found this excellent post with gardening questions and answers if you’re looking to dig deeper with someone with actual gardening experience 😉

I’m Sooooooo excited to get gardening. I ordered my seeds on April 6th and as I write this it’s April 12th with no signs of delivery yet.

From the start of this post until now I’ve also decided I will be purchasing a Tower Garden and I’ll be sharing more about that process once I learn more myself. I’m super excited to not only grow food during the warm months outside my house but also to have a fresh food supply in my house (in my basement) all year long!

This is just the beginning of my container gardening for self-sustainability blogging. I’ll be sharing all my adventures from container gardening to canning to cooking fresh veggies (recipes) to growing your own food garden indoors. This is going to be so much fun!

Talk soon!

🙏💚🌱 Angela

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