Veganism During a Global Pandemic

Is it harder to be vegan during a pandemic or easier? What do you think?

I really didn’t mean for it to be so long since my last post. I was wrapping some things up on my marketing blog and I wanted to be really ready to give this blog a lot of my attention. I’ve joined a professional blogging group to learn how to be the BEST blogger I can be and I’m so excited to be here to connect with you.

Before the pandemic I really was interested in getting out and meeting more vegans in person, so I could talk to people who really get it. That’s not possible but I have almost 18 years of online business experience that tells me, without a doubt, that I can make real connections online with YOU – so let’s connect! I’d love to hear your comments below.

Also before the pandemic I got a lot of my meals from local restaurants.

It was so fast and easy to get local nutrition and I didn’t have to cook! Also since I do Intermittent Fasting most of the time it wasn’t very pricey, either. I eat one big meal per day and maybe a few snacks. Don’t worry, I get lots of protein and lots of calories (probably too much) every day.

Here’s the last takeout meal I had before things got serious with social distancing and staying at home:

Burrito Bowl from Fat Bastard Burrito in Whitby, Ontario

Once I resolved to STOP getting take out I had to decide WHAT I was going to eat.

I’ll admit I fell into my bad habits the first week or so (we’re on day, what, 14 I think, of quarantine now). I ate too much junk and too much sugar.

Oreos are vegan and a great way to stuff your feelings of fear and stress down but NOT a great way to deal with life, keep your immune system up and your inflammation DOWN.

As soon as I saw myself falling into this food pattern, it’s a familiar one for me in ANY time of stress, I decided to do what’s ALWAYS worked for me to keep on track:

  1. Order pre-made meals from Green Zebra Kitchen. I love them! The food is ALWAYS delicious and so healthy.
  2. Order pre-mixed, fresh frozen smoothies from Revive.

Re: Green Zebra Kitchen. I’ve scored you a discount. You can save $15 if you sign up here or just use “chasingvegan” coupon code at checkout. Order here.

Obviously depending on where you are reading from you might not be able to get the same food from the same company but if you Google Vegan Meal Prep maybe you’ll find something local to you. I spent a bit of time searching different companies before finding this one.

Re: Revive.I’ve scored you a discount here, too. A whopping 60% off your first discount and three free metal straws (I can’t use the rubber ones after starting out with metal ones – so good). Order here.

A great way to break my fast is a smoothie. Full of high quality nutrition and delicious. Yes, I could make my own but I’ve tried and they NEVER taste nearly as good as the ones I’ve bought from Revive. I absolutely LOVE their Mocha Smoothie, as you can tell since 4 out of my 12 smoothie cups are Morning Mocha. I also

Again, this is only local. In the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. If you are someone else in the world see if something is available locally for you.

And now a big question:

Can you trust food delivery during a pandemic?

Of course I’m not an expert and this is 100% NOT medical advice but from what I’ve researched there hasn’t been any evidence so far that the virus has been spreading through food prep. The companies I am buying from have been emailing me about the precautions you are taking and I feel, at this time, it’s a safe option for me and my family. These are uncertain times for sure and you want to make your decisions based on your own research and how you feel.

Here are a couple of Green Zebra meals… I’ve shown you some of my others in other posts!

Since I haven’t received my first order from Revive Superfoods yet I decided to make my own Chocolate “milkshake” smoothie:
This includes bananas, cacao, cold-pressed coffee, oat milk, almond butter and peanut butter. So good!

I’ve also dusted off my Omega Juicer and started making cold-pressed juices at home. I feel REALLY good about that because I literally had the juicer in the trunk of my car to donate because I wasn’t using it. I was so bummed to give it up as I paid almost $400 for that baby but I figured why keep space in our tiny kitchen for something I wasn’t using. I just couldn’t let it go, though, so even before the pandemic hit I took it out of the car.

I’ve made cold-press juice three times now!

You can see what I put into the juices on this post:

Sweet treats can really be my weakness and so I have been working on ways to eat decadent things without sugar. I CRAVE sugar and have all my life, it’s a hard habit to break but I’m trying and I’m sure we’ll talk more about that later.

Back before Christmas I took an unbaking class from Twenty1 Desserts and it was fabulous! Tijana, the owner, is amazing and just lovely. She taught us the art of using delicious ingredients to make treats that actually NOURISH.

Tijana doesn’t just teach classes. She also creates these amazing desserts AND, during this trying time, she’s DELIVERING them to people’s doorstep. I got my dozen healthy-donuts yesterday (plant-based, sugar-free, wholesome). I’m seriously thinking I might just be eating donuts for the next three days LOL!

Here’s the deliver on my step:

And here is the delicious Nutella Donut!

If you’d love some delicious organic, gluten free, vegan donuts from Twenty 1 Desserts you can order them here (she’s in Bowmanville, Ontario and delivers to Durham area).

I feel like it’s pretty unrealistic to expect to be perfect ALL the time so I do eat some “other foods”, of course. I eat chips (or Sweet Heat Doritos, specifically), I’ll have a vegan ice create or other treat from time to time, etc.

I made myself this lovely “fish and chips” vegan meal. I had to make the fries in a frying pan! Our oven is broken at the moment and we have a kitchen set on order from Lowes that I have no idea if we’ll actually end up getting any time soon.

The fish is from Gardein, the fries are McCain, that’s brown McCormack’s Gravy and the tartar sauce is vegan Mayo from Farmboy with relish mixed in.

Of course being Vegan isn’t just about the food. It’s about the products and I will admit I haven’t had much time to focus on what OTHER Vegan things are in my life right now.

I had been in the process of working to research things like makeup, clothing, furniture and more for vegan options. There’s not been time for that but as things settle back down and I get into a groove here I’m 100% going to be looking again at vegan skincare, home items, clothing and more. That will be part of what I post about here on the blog.

It’s an interesting time in history and I think it’s important to record it and to make what we can of it.

I know that while it’s been stressful and crazy there have also been so many upsides. In terms of being vegan and thriving during a global pandemic here are some of the things I’ve seen as blessings:

  • To this point I’ve always seen vegan foods in the stores, no problem.
  • I’m cooking more and getting more creative in the kitchen.
  • My daughter is trying more vegan foods now that she is home with me all the time (she’s six and not vegan, yet).
  • It’s harder to get vegan fast-food or junk food as I’m only leaving the house every 7-10 days to go get groceries.
  • There are plenty of fruits and veggies in the stores… I get the idea of stocking up on non-perishables but as long as there are fresh options that’s what I want!

This is just my own experience with being a vegan during a pandemic. For the most part, after I omit the going out for food, things are mostly the same.

I’d love to hear from YOU! How is it for you to be Vegan during this Global Pandemic. Same? Very Different?

Talk soon!

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